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To Help You Uncover & Activate Your INNATE Way of Being An Impact Leader.

To Help You Uncover & Activate Your Innate Way of BEING An Impact Leader.

We serve exceptionally successful business and non-profit leaders who desire Greater Impact in their next endeavors. Our clients have chosen to up-level their leadership impact in all life areas, for greater good.  We offer an integrated, three-discipline One-year program to uncover, evolve and then activate your innate full expression as a Conscious Leader via Humble Confidence, Empathic Communication, and Deep Connection. 


A "By Invitation Only" Activation Experience For Successful Leaders Choosing To Make A Bigger Difference for others. What kind of difference?

  • Conscious Capitalism

  • Social Impact Leadership

  • Servant Leadership

  • Heart-Centered Leadership

  • Impact Investing

Throughout history, some leaders have chosen to live the most powerful expression of themselves.

Meet fullXpression. Your guide to Claiming your Greatness in this lifetime. 

fullXpression is not about Transformation. It's not about being a Hero. It's not about being Better or Bigger or even Bolder. And it is NOT "out there".

Because, Greatness lies within. 

With this belief, fullXpression guides you to accept the exceptional human being you already are in order to lead and serve in ways known and unknown to you. Your natural Authenticity will shine.

How? We guide you to look underneath the layers, behind the masks you show the world, to discover, accept and activate your innate greatness as Yourself, not as another. Your future may look nothing like your past! 

Using Heart Intelligence! 

fullXpression weaves onsite programs in Boulder, Colorado, with curated, conveniently designed Video sessions delivered by our wisdom experts across a 12-month program.

Claim Your Greatness Now!


Three Integrated Paths Of Personal Evolution


Breathing | Healing Hikes | Meditation | Janzu Aqua Rebirth | Neuroplasticity

fullXpression works with each client to design an optimal one-year program to exponentially reset consciousness for up-level Impact, opening new paths for authentic Leadership. To learn more, book your initial Personal Silhouette conversation using the Let's Talk form (below). 


Sensing | Understanding | Evaluating | Clear Speaking | Standing in Power

We teach and inculcate the way of the Warrior: how to show up and be present with the human resources of power, presence and communication. Drawing from Ruiz's "The Four Agreements" plus lessons distilled from an indigenous Toltec shaman partnership, fullXpression guides you to powerful presence through self-awareness, clarity, listening, and intentional appearance. To learn more, reach out using the Let's Talk form (below). 

Smiling Businesswoman

Your Story | LinkedIn | Podcast | Medium | TedX Experience

fullXpression helps you uncover your life legend. Then we guide you to consistently and clearly express it across multiple channels informing your audiences. It's your Personal Brand. Your unique narrative will amplify your power as Leader with a genuine story that conveys your fullest expression. To learn more, start a conversation with us using the Let's Talk form (below). 



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Chief Activator

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Neuroplasticity Leader

Spiritual Correspondent & Embodiment Coach




Activate Your Innate Path


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Client Testimonials



Major US Airline Executive

"I've done McKinsey Executive Development, Landmark Forum and Harvard Bootcamp. Nothing has unleashed my inner leader like fullXpression. It's for you if you are ready to accept your greatness. For me it meant that I chose to trade comfy corporate America job for a well-funded start-up that highly values by people skills in the renewable energy industry."

Computer Class


Global Banking Executive

"For years I have sampled ways to access and use my personal purpose. With average outcomes. fullXpression worked for me because it comes from such a different slant, from the view of who I already am as a leader. And who I am is a social impact leader improving education options for adolescents in major urban markets."

Girl Holding Lamb


Serial Start-Up Entrepreneur  

"I would never have believed I could attain the clarity and intensity of purpose I have acquired with fullXpression. The results touch every facet of my life. I am a profoundly happier mother, I have forged a new marital relationship with my husband, and, my volunteer commitments never have been as broad as they are now."



Artificial Intelligence CEO/Investor

"You want real heat in your life? Commit to fullXpression to put the real You out there in the world as leader. You'll wonder how you showed up all these years without it. For me it has meant retooling myself into a servant leader that leads with heart and not just brain."


Value Pricing

Unlike most leadership programs, fullXpression guides you to discover, embrace and activate your unique Greatness using a 12-month small cohort method.
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Stanford Business School

"Be A Leader Who Matters"

  • 6 weeks in-person

  • Palo Alto, CA

  • $75,000.00

Harvard Business School

"Authentic Leadership"

  • 5 business days

  • Cambridge, MA.

  • $15,500.00 for 5 Days


"1-Year Greatness Series"

  • 10-12 hours per month

  • Boulder, CO.

  • Value Pricing Per Quarter

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