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9 Months + 3 Disciplines = PURPOSE

Discovery & Surrender with Radical Awareness

To Help You Uncover & Activate Your INNATE Way of Being An Impact Leader.

We Help You Uncover & Actualize Your Innate Life Purpose 

We serve exceptionally successful business and non-profit leaders who have chosen to reset their Purpose. Because they have always asked the most of themselves. Because they believe they have

untapped talents the World needs. 


Because they intend to reclaim LIFE outside of work!


We offer an integrated, three-discipline program to uncover, evolve and ACTUALIZE your innate voice as a positive force for Change. Results? Humble Confidence, Empathic Communication,

and Deep Connection with those who matter to you. In short, YOU make a bigger difference than ever!

2021 Testimonials:

"Today I leverage my superpower gifts like generosity, synthesis, and story-telling, to address the difficult challenges that others did not, thanks to fullXpression." Rob Bennett – FinTech CEO
"Heart-centered leadership is a very powerful and much needed concept in today’s multi-tasking always-on, always-connected world. fullXpression was exactly the reset and reground I didn’t know I needed." Nathalie, Hedge Fund Steward (Woman)
"fullXpression understands the emerging power of heart-centered leadership and why it is the next thing for true success. I am so grateful for their ability to reset, reground, coach, and inspire me through [my personal evolution]." Kurt Scherer, CyberSecurity Venture Executive
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A "By Invitation Only" Actualization Experience For Successful Women and Men Ready To Uncover Their True Purpose. For YOU, it may mean a personal pivot in what you do and how you do it, or who you do it for, such as:

  • An integrated, joy-based way of living and leading

  • New To The World Products or Services

  • Conscious Capitalism

  • Social Impact Leadership

  • Servant Leadership

  • Heart-Centered Leadership

  • Impact Investing

Throughout history, some leaders have chosen to stand for the most powerful expression of themselves.

That's why fullXpression exists. We do not coach. We do not facilitate. We do not give you the answers. We are not therapists. Rather, we guide YOU to claim your Greatness for what's next in your life.

fullXpression is not about being a Hero. It's not about being Better or Bigger or even Bolder. Or Richer. And it is NOT about finding yourself "out there".

Rather, we redirect you to the Greatness that already lies within. 

With this philosophy and curriculum, fullXpression guides you to see and accept the exceptional human being you already are but have not been living in its fullest sense. Our clients are often surprised by their own untapped potential.


No surprise: your natural Authenticity will shine.

How does this all happen? We guide you to look underneath the layers, behind the masks you show the world, to discover, accept and activate your innate greatness as Yourself, not as another, by means of a carefully architected 9-month platform that includes proven methods and the latest science based tools for mind expansion. 

And, by unleashing Heart Intelligence! You will come to learn, and live, this potent human capability, 

fullXpression weaves onsite programs in Boulder, Colorado, with curated, conveniently delivered ZOOM sessions by our wisdom experts across a 9-month, 3-discipline program.

YOUR Greatness awaits!

Three Integrated Disciplines For Actualization


Breathwork | Nature Experiences | Meditation | Janzu Aqua-Rebirth | Guided Discovery with Ancient Healing Methods

fullXpression works with each client to design an optimal 9-month program to exponentially reset consciousness for up-level Impact, opening new paths for authentic Leadership. To learn more, reach out today and we will work with you to explore fit, timing and a possible program. 


Sensing | Understanding | Evaluating | Clear Speaking | Standing in Power | Inner Warrior Mastery

We teach and inculcate the way of the Warrior: how to show up and be present with the human resources of power, presence and communication. Drawing from Ruiz's "The Four Agreements" plus lessons distilled from an indigenous Toltec shaman partnership, fullXpression guides you to powerful presence through self-awareness, clarity, listening, and intentional appearance. To learn more, reach out yo us today.

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Your Story | LinkedIn | Podcast | Medium | TedX Experience

fullXpression helps you uncover your life legend. Then we guide you to consistently and clearly express it across multiple channels informing your audiences. It's your Personal Brand. Your unique narrative will amplify your power as Leader with a genuine story that conveys your fullest expression. To learn more, start a conversation with us today.



Get to Know Us

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Founder & Evolution Catalyst: Son of Guatemalan/ Mayan immigrants, Luis is devoted to guiding exceptional Leaders to their greatest expression, actualizing their innate PURPOSE with meaning. He's a humble father, a serial entrepreneur, and a servant leader across multiple businesses. Luis resides in Boulder, Colorado, with frequent Tulum and Guatemala visits. 

Evolution Catalyst: A German native living in Tulum, QRoo, and Berlin, Katja is a highly experienced transformation and consciousness coach to business executives and professionals. She's evolved her own deep spiritual and shamanic practice with teachers in the Mayan heartland. She invested more than 12 years in corporate marketing and consulting roles.

Guide: Collin teaches how to embody and express the inner warrior in all life facets, from dance and social settings to vocation and the artistic. A buddhist in training, Collin is a successful actor, podcast host, dance instructor and Toltec teacher.

Why This Matters

We've been reminded: what matters is community, relationships, family, friends, and kindness.

Belonging! We all crave Meaningful lives.

Evolved leaders play an essential role in modeling (and living) Heart Intelligence for employees, partners, clients, stakeholders and family.  

Authentic Presence

Deepened Awareness

Rewarding Relationships

Golden Star

Confidence To Be Heard

Unleashed Creativity

Vibrant Global Network

Leader Evolution Agency... what is it?

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Value Pricing

Unlike any other leadership program, fullXpression guides you to discover, embrace and ACTUALIZE your unique Greatness with a 9-month "evolution" program. 50% is curated for you; 50% is peer/cohort-based.
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Stanford Business School
  • 6 weeks in-person

  • Palo Alto, CA

  • $75,000.00 for 6 weeks

Harvard Business School
  • 5 business days

  • Cambridge, MA

  • $15,750.00 for 5 Days


"9-Month Greatness Series"

  • 10-12 hours per month

  • Boulder, CO (2 visits)

  • 3 Quarterly Subscriptions  

Short Cuts | Inspiration 
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Let's Explore Your Greatness Potential


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